Addressable empowers our customers to develop personal connections with their clients and prospects through “handwritten” card campaigns.

With our proprietary technology, an actual ballpoint pen is pressed to paper. The writing is handwritten by robots, not printed, so recipients believe our clients took the time to personally write to them.

Beyond the awesome handwriting tech, our end-to-end solution is designed to drive engagement. We apply the strategy and trackability of digital advertising to the physical world.

Our clients include the top real estate agents who rely on a personal touch to differentiate themselves in a competitive housing market. We also serve not-for-profits who are ready to scale their donor outreach.

We’re seeking enthusiastic and industrious individuals to join our growing team.

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Remote - Los Angeles, CA
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At Addressable, we enable our clients to create meaningful connections with their audiences through the use of personalized, handwritten print campaigns and coordinated digital elements. In a nearly all-digital world, this kind of human connection is a valuable tool for reaching customers, keeping relationships alive, and reaching new audiences for a variety of different types of businesses…